HOW TO PLAY JAZZ with Julian Bradley 

Welcome to www.JazzTheoryExplained.com, where my aim is to show you everything you need to know about jazz theory. Jazz theory can be daunting, but it also rewards you every step of the way, adding sophistication to your playing.

My name’s Julian Bradley, I have a masters degree in music theory, and I’ve studied jazz for over 10 years. In this website you’ll find some of my best jazz tutorial videos, along with lesson notes.

This website is for all instruments, although some sections will be exclusively for piano players, such as my lessons on chord voicings.

I’ve organized the lessons into 4 categories, which are displayed along the menu bar above:

Beginner lessons. Intermediate lessons. Advanced lessons, and Jazz styles.

I’m also the author of Jazz Theory Explained, which is my complete ebook which covers all concepts in even more depth. It also organizes my teachings into a step by step sequence, taking you from beginner to advanced. To find out more about my book, click on ‘THE BOOK’ link in the menu bar.

Thanks for your interest in my teaching materials and I hope you learn a lot.

Julian Bradley

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